I got my pictures professionally done for the first time.

Photos By: Sweet Peony Photography


It's hard to believe that while nearing my thirties I've never had professional shoot done yet in my life that wasn't a good ole' fashion Sears Studio while in elementary school. That statement is even more hard to believe due to the fact that I myself am a photographer! LMAO.

Well there comes a point when one gets fed up with creating beautiful images for everyone else and just wants their own slice of heaven of a moment. This was mine.

I'm absolutely thrilled with the images I received. The backdrop made them even more beautiful and memorable as well as this was my first trip into historic savannah since moving here. I spent time the day before planning exactly what I wanted to wear but for the most part I let the photographer guide me in poses and finding the great light so that I could just focus on enjoying myself. When someone feels relaxed and confident I know from experience that the photos turn out better because you're showing your natural emotions. No one wants to turn a fun activity into work by using their brain more than necessary! I was excited for this shoot and you can certainly tell that in the images.

Just like everyone else, I struggle with confidence in my self image so I do think that because I have posing experience with my own clients, it was a lot easier for me to understand what to do and why it needed to be done that way as the photographer directed me. I also knew certain techniques for more flattering movements which I can see helped in several images. Unfortunately not everyone has this knowledge but that just means you MUST trust your photographer. You MUST know you and your limitations and be honest about them in a humble way. I don't like putting my arms above my head, so you don't see that in many photos but the ones where you do, we adjusted that pose in a way that it didn't highlight that part of my body.

The three most important things for me choosing another photographer were 1. editing style, 2. being able to get most of the images from the shoot, and 3. reasonably priced! It was very hard for me to find what I wanted and I was actually recommended the photographer I chose from a military spouses group after searching for weeks. Who would have thought!? All the hours searching on google and emailing other photographers just to be told their sessions were $600 and I knew the style wasn't quite what I wanted.

My personal style is bright and bold with warm undertones and peachy highlights. I'm not a light and airy or fine art kind of gal. Besides the peachy tone these photos hit the head on the nail! I feel like I made the right choice in the photographer I chose and that is honestly how every client should feel about their photographer too!

It was important to me to have many photos from the session, as I've never had a shoot like this before and don't currently have many good photos of myself to post. I also got in a few professional shots so I could use them on my website as well. No one has ever captured professional photos (other than behind the scenes) of me and my camera, so these images are also special to me in that way and I feel proud of my accomplishments seeing who I am captured in these images. Because I don't like to purchase from IPS businesses my photos are not considered only transactions at X dollars per image, they are what they are meant to be... Moments in time. An Experience. Treasures for loved ones.

Lastly, budget was a concern. I've got bills to pay like you. I just can't justify dishing out half my pay check on one session, even once a year. Does that mean I don't "deserve" good photos because I'm not rich? Hell No, I work my ass off! I now want so many sessions with the photographer that took these images, I'm already planning the next ones. She has me as a full client because I see the value in her work and I enjoyed working with her so much. She was a keeping it real person, down to earth.


Historic Savannah - Jones Street, Chatham Square, Forsyth Park, Garden of Fragrance