Hello my lovely brides! If you're anything like me, you like to look good without handing over your wallet; so planning a wedding on a budget means you need a few tricks up your sleeve... The "Planning" series here on the blog is a good place to start looking for advice and ideas to help ease your brain of the many choices presented to you. As always, my ultimate goal is to make life easier on you so your day is nothing but enjoyment!

6 Bridesmaids or Engagement Dresses

Most people wouldn't want to spend an "arm and a leg" on a dress they may only wear once. The good news is there are a few online shops with raving reviews for dresses around $100. These dresses you will absolutely want to wear again! I've compiled 6 shops that I would order from myself, but of course, if you're unsure of a company or ordering online please, please, please, look into them and read reviews before purchasing. This list is based on my personal options with the addition of research, and are NOT listed as an order of preference. My number one factor in purchasing from a company I'm unsure about is seeing the past customers post pictures in the review of the item itself.

1. Lulu's: These dresses are super trendy and can be used for any occasion, meaning you can get your monies worth and your bridesmaids (hopefully) won't bicker about an unflattering color or fit because the only options are the ones you already love. To make your shopping even more simple, not only does the site tell you if it runs small or larger giving you a better idea of what size you'll want to get (minimizing the hassle of returns), there is also a huge selection of different styles and colors to literally fit anyone! I'd say these styles are more for the transitional bride. Swatches are available to see the fabric before purchasing your dress.

2. Barbaroni: A newly popular shop reviewed by a few youtubers, the offering is a mix of styles to wear for any occasion. I personally don't think the selection is huge for bridesmaids, but you may find something exceptional that's perfect for your engagement shoot or another occasion. I'm very surprised by the Stellar reviews for such a simple site!

3. Birdy Gray: For your more traditional setting of bridesmaid dresses. It's great that you can shop by color and offer your ladies the option of their preferred style along with options for maternity fit in the same colors! Another bonus is again the colors are trendy, muted, and earth/jewel tones that pair well with everyones skin tones with styles that are more traditional or modest for weddings. This shop is even featured on the Knot.com's list of Dress vendors.

4. Azazie: Price wise, there is a mix of under $100 and some slightly over. The selection is of dresses are good balance of modesty with modern fit but the tipping point of this shop is the color offering is a wider variety than other companies I've seen so you can accomplish the specific look that you're going for easier. Sometimes with a lot of choices comes a lot of confusion; that problem can be solved with the sample swatch set to see all of the fabrics before you buy. Customized sizing is also available.

5. Dear Cleo: Elegant and trendy styles. Perfect for the boho ladies. I love that this company lets you try up to 6 dresses before you buy it. The dresses are made to order so you know that you will be getting the perfect fit!

6. Kennedy Blue: So these dresses are just over $100 but hit it with a sale and you're on track! I love the "try before you buy" offering and the fact that a few styles are considered "convertible" dresses meaning you can wear the same dress different ways. Sample swatches are also available. The brand is also featured on the knot.com's list of bridesmaid dress vendors.