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A few quick things to know about me:

  • Small-town Pennsylvania girl with an adventurous soul and big dreams!
  • Dog mom of two fur-babies and loving wife to a military man.
  • Obsessed with: Over-sized sweaters, Marvel movies, Iceland, Modern beach decor, and Clean green living.
  • Favorite Things: Camping/Hiking, Photo frames, Sea life, Accessorizing, and Peppermint hot chocolate.  
  • Collector of: Shot glasses in any shape/size for every designation I've traveled!
  • Unique Trait:

Get to know me more below...


Growing up, being creative was in my nature. I had no idea that I wanted to be a photographer until that door in my life opened. I always took pictures and enjoyed scrapbooking as a way to preserve my own memories, but never did I imagine this as my career nor consider it as a dream job in grade school. Actually, back then I wanted to be a Vet or Architect. My creative path started in middle school art class drawing perspectives of homes when I realized I wanted to eventually run my own business. I dreamed of being this famous Architect selling my own home designs. This aspiration continued up through college when I fell into Interior Design, Film Production, Graphics, and Music; Passions I still hobby with to this day. The time that I've spent in every creative outlet I was good at eventually pointed me to realizing my dream job as photographing weddings. Over the years I've learned it's better to be true to myself and that I loved using my natural god given talents to bring joy and beautiful things into the lives of the people I cross paths with.


Personal Blog Posts

“The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.”

The Rest of the Family

Pedro (Husband)

My college love who entered the military about 8 years into our relationship. We were pretty much inseparable until then. He's a bit feisty and shy but would ultimately give you the shirt off his back to help if you need it. Joining the military was a career move for us and I fully support him in this descision. He really enjoys working with the Helicopters and hopes to become a pilot one day.


The newest addition to our family! We adopted Shamus from a food-market rescue shelter in Incheon, Korea while stationed in the country for a short time. He's a beautiful Malamute boy who is the most loving big-baby and has plenty of energy to play all day. He loves to chase softballs in his spare time as well also adding international traveler to his adventures as well!


The sweetie pie to melt your heart. Kora is a red husky female with mesmerizing blue eyes. She became part of our family just after I graduated college. She loves to run for days but ultimately if she had a favorite kind of day I think she would agree with being snuggled up in a blanket with a good belly rub is the best time spent.